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Online Counselling with Compass Rose

Mental health affects everyone, and so it's important that everyone has access to services to promote and support their mental wellbeing. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can commit to face to face counselling and therapy support. This can be due to time commitments such as changing shift patterns at work, or being a single parent. For some people face to face sessions can feel daunting, and they may not feel comfortable speaking to someone in that way. Cost is sometimes a factor. Whatever the reason, it's important to know that there are other options available, and you don't have to go without support simply because you can't make a session in person.

Online counselling has seen an increase in popularity over the last few years, with more and more people signing up to various platforms. Here at Compass Rose, we've come up with our own bespoke solution to online counselling, which gives you control of how much support you want based on your needs, budget and availability.

Places are limited, and currently we only have 2 online client slots available (as of 29th July).

Each of the three options we offer consists of an initial consultation, and allows you to tell me what you've been going through in a little detail, and to discuss what you're looking to achieve from online counselling. 

The North Option

This is the full online support package. 

It allows for check ins with your therapist whenever needed, as well as a 45 minute telephone, Skype or instant message session per week to provide support. 

Introductory price £22.99 a week

The East Option

This is our intermediate support package

It covers one in depth email session and two check ins with your therapist per week, and one 45 minute telephone, Skype or instant message chat per month to talk about how things are going and provide support.

Introductory price £16.99 a week

The West Option

This is our base support package. 

It allows for one in depth email session with your therapist per week to discuss how things are going and offer support.

Introductory price £12.99 a week

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Questions about online therapy

How does online counselling and therapy work?

All online counselling options with Compass Rose begin with an initial consultation to make sure you feel comfortable working with me and to establish what issues you want to work with. 

After that, online counselling and therapy can consist of a mixture of:


 - An in depth email session, where you will get to talk about how you're feeling and whats going on for you, and have an in depth response from your therapist.

- Check ins, which are shorter emails or messages with your therapist to help you stay on track

- Telephone, Skype or instant message sessions where you can discuss your thoughts, feelings and how things are going directly with your therapist. 

Is my therapist available to contact at any point?

With the North option you can check in with your therapist daily if you wish, to keep up that support. With the other options you are limited to responses on set days, which will be agreed with you depending on your availability. You will be free to message your therapist on other days, but may not receive a response until the next arranged day. 

Telephone, Skype or instant message communications are arranged for days that fit with your availability, but timings will need to be arranged between you and your therapist.

Is online counselling and therapy as effective as face to face counselling or therapy?

Studies have shown that online counselling and therapy can be very effective for helping people deal with a wide variety of issues, however most studies show that it is less effective than face to face counselling and therapy. 

This is mostly down to not having the impact of having someone in front of you providing that human contact, being able to read tone of voice, body language or phrasing in order to fully connect with someone. Think of what it would be like for a friend to tell you by text message that they were proud of you, and then imagine them saying it face to face. The text message is still effective (and has the advantage of being around to re-read when needed) but lacks the full emotional weight of hearing it face to face. 

While it isn't as effective as face to face, it is still much more effective than having no support at all. Online counselling and therapy also has the advantage of having more  convenience than face to face sessions for a lot of people, the conversations are mostly available to look back on if you need to recap what was said, and it can provide more frequent support than weekly face to face sessions through the North option which allows for check ins when you need them.

How do the costs work?

The costs of online counselling and therapy are generally much less than what you would expect to pay for face to face counselling and therapy. Even the North Option, which is the higher price online option we offer, works out cheaper than having fortnightly face to face sessions.

Sessions are priced per week, so you can clearly see how much it is going to cost you. All options are billed for a month in advance, and can be cancelled a week before the next due date

For example: The West Option costs £12.99 a week. If you were to start on the 15th of the month, you would pay a month in advance, which is £56.29 (based on a month being 4.333 weeks). Your renewal date would be the 15th of the following month and you could cancel your membership by the 8th with no penalty

How is your online service different from others?

I work as an integrative and humanistic therapist (you can find our more about what that means here) and that extends to our online support as well. It means I don't work on a one size fits all approach, and the support you receive will be tailored to your own needs. A lot of online counselling is CBT based, which works for some people but not for everyone. At Compass Rose we work with you to find the right balance of support for you, which includes looking at all aspects of your world, and how this impacts on your mental health. 


In practice, that might look like checking in with you after an important event like an interview or social gathering to see how you feel, if that was causing anxiety for you. Or working with you to create techniques or activities that help you to manage stress better. It might be about providing psycho-education to help you understand why you feel the way you do, using neuroscience or attachment theory. It looks at the whole of you and how we work together to create change in your life.

How confidential is it?

Just like face to face counselling and therapy, online counselling and therapy is covered by a contract, which will be sent to you to read over and sign at the start. This is very similar to the face to face contract, and the rules around confidentiality are the same. Everything discussed remains confidential, unless there is a risk of harm to yourself or others, you disclose information about an act of terrorism or I am requested to disclose information by a court of law. 

All correspondence is stored in line with data protection and GDPR regulations, and all contact is done via securely encrypted channels. It is as secure as it can be, and just as confidential as face to face counselling and therapy.

What issues can be worked with in online counselling and therapy?

Online counselling and therapy can be used to work with most of the same issues as face to face counselling and therapy. If you're looking for a list of the types of issues we work with, you'll find more information here

If the issue you're struggling with is trauma related, such as abuse, or includes PTSD symptoms, then I would advocate for an online option that includes a telephone or Skype session, as the additional relational contact is more therapeutic than just having email correspondence alone. 

For more information, or to sign up, please get in touch either by:

filling out the contact box below 

dropping me an email at online@compassrosecounselling.co.uk 

or giving me a call or sending a text to 07871 172092

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