"Change is hard at first,

messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end"


One of my aims with Compass Rose is to promote the education and understanding of mental health issues. The more we can talk about issues like depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide then the easier it becomes for people suffering with these issues to speak up and get the support they need. 

As part of this I am running workshops and various other events from time to time. I'll list any current events below with details of how to get in touch or how to attend.

Introduction to Mental Health Awareness
30 Apr 2017, 11:00 – 14:00
Darley Abbey Village Hall,
Darley Abbey Village Hall, Abbey Yd, Derby DE22 1DS, UK
Can you make it?
An Introduction to Mental Health Awareness

What is it? - The short version

I will be running a short, interactive workshop looking at the mental health issues we face in today's ever changing, fast paced society. 1 in 4 or us will suffer from a mental health issue at some point in our lives. This can range from anxiety, depression or stress, through to addiction, self harm and suicide. This workshop is designed to be an introduction to looking at these issues and looking at how we can look after ourselves if we find that we're struggling, or offer support to others who are going through distress.

What is it? - The longer version

Mental health issues are tricky to deal with. All of them comes in their own forms and will feel markedly different to each other but all share common characteristics - they don't discriminate who they target, they seep into every aspect of our lives and affect everything from relationships, to behaviours and emotions. Sometimes the symptoms are well hidden, so that those around us can't tell that anything is wrong. In the most extreme cases they can be completely crippling. They also share one other characteristic; people don't like talking about them.

If you were to say to someone that you'd broken your arm, you'd most likely be met with an empathetic response - "That's awful to hear!", "How are you feeling now?". If you tell people you've been suffering with panic attacks, you might find the response to be more muted and unsure. We don't often hold open conversations about mental health issues, and that's usually because we don't feel comfortable with it. Of course that means that we avoid talking about it, so we never get better at it - it becomes a vicious cycle. 

The workshop is split into three main parts:

  • taking an objective look at what the different types of mental health issues are and how they are caused.

  • What barriers get in the way to accessing support, and why these can often prevent us from getting better

  • How we can take care of our own mental heath, and that of those around us.

I'll be drawing on up to date psychotherapy ideas and models of practice, the latest in neuroscience research as well as a sprinkling of my own experience. Plus a glass of water, some coloured balls and a blindfold. No really...

What it isn't

This isn't going to be a workshop that gives you an amazing three step plan to solving all your issues. Sorry about that. When I say we'll be looking at how we can take care of our own mental health and how we can help deal with issues like anxiety and depression, that will be about helping you understand why you (or someone you know) might feel the way you (or they) do and ways in which you can work with that. I believe everyone is different and experiences things in their own way. What works for one person might not work for you. I know people who have gone to counselling and found it to be life changing. I also know people who have tried counselling and it simply doesn't work for them. With that in mind I find it's best to highlight the different options that are out there for people, give you a bit of insight into how each of these works and why they work and empower you to be able to go out and find the ways which work best for you. 

Where and when is it?

Darley Abbey Village Hall

Abbey Yard

Darley Abbey


DE22 1DS

Sunday 30th April

11am - 2pm

Is there a cost?

The event is free, and there is plenty of parking on site or at Darley Abbey Park car park round the corner which is also free. I am even putting on refreshments during the break.

I have more questions...

Feel free to contact me, either using the contact form on this website, directly by email at nathan@compassrosecounselling.co.uk or by phone or text on 07871 172092. I'd love to hear from you.